VODA Flat 75

The radiant fireplace has as its main function the chanelling of the energy prodused by combustion of wood in the water.This water is transported by means of a circulator into radiators.Energy fireplaces-heaters are closed wood energy hearths that use the same operating mode as hot air heaters with the difference that are heating water instead of air.The water introduced into the fireplace-radiator is heated on its walls and diffused to the heaters and the heater with the help of a circulator.
In this way heating is provided throughout the house and domestic hot water.However the radiant fireplace doesn’t differ aesthetically from an energy-efficient fireolace and it’s also requires a chimney of a certain height and cross-section.In heating with a water-jacket fireplace the uniform heat dissipation in the heated rooms is an asset.The connection of the fireplace and the radiators is made by plamper while the rest is installed by a specialist workshop.
What has to be noticed by anyone who chooses such a fireplace is that it must necessarily have a door as it is intended exclusively for heating and must always be installedwith an open expansion vessel,so we can heat space up to 250m2.The fireplace can be used as the sole source of heating and hot water supply by replacing the oil boiler or in combination with the boiler.