The Company

Our company name » To Kamini » has been active in the field of fireplace construction since 2003 and specializes in the construction of fireplaces placing a very heavy burden on the energy ( hot-air ) hearths.

In our company we know that you are looking for the perfect aesthetic result and a visit to our facilities will help you find the exact fireplace you want for your space.
The services and constructions » To Kamini » give a distinct sense of security and aesthetics because:

  • Always taking care of the best materials for the best quality in its constructions.
  • Achieving the highest performances in the fireplaces,resulting in a fast and healthy rise temperature in your space.
  • Providing guaranty
  • Direct technical support at any time
  • Space study
  • Instructions for proper operation
  • Valid and guaranteed placement
  • Certification CE (EN 13229) standard for energy fireplaces
  • Patent( thermal enrgy production from energy fireplace )

After precise measurements made in the company’s hotspots the result of warm air from the blinds in our premises was clearly predictable and satisfactory.